Pre-Draft Q&A with Ryan Dent

Pre-Draft Q&A with Ryan Dent reporter Sean Kilgour recently caught up with Ryan Dent, one of the high profiled prep players in the 2007 Draft. Find out where Ryan thinks he will be drafted, which teams have shown the most interest, and much more on this middle infielder by reading our Pre-Draft Q&A. What do you feel is your greatest strength as a hitter?

Ryan Dent: I'd say probably my ability to use all fields. I'd say I'm a gap-to-gap hitter and I force the defense to make perfect throws all the time and keep them on their toes. I spray the ball to all fields so they can't really put the shift on me or predict where I'm going to hit it. What type of defensive player are you?

Ryan Dent: I'd say I'm pretty much the type of player who tries to keep the ball in front at all times. I'm always diving and I feel that every ball is worth diving for. I like to get dirty and I don't play conservatively. I go all out and take risks. Do you favor an aggressive or a more patient hitting approach?

Ryan Dent: I wouldn't say aggressive or patient, I wouldn't describe it as that. I'd say that as soon as I see a good pitch I'm ready to hit. So I guess you could probably say aggressive. So far how has the draft process treated you?

Ryan Dent: It's a hustle and bustle with a lot of people calling all of the time. It's a lot of work, filling out a lot of paperwork. I'd say that I'm not surprised with how it has been treating me, but at the same time it's just that any kid would wish to be in this position so you can't really complain. Have you worked out for any teams yet?

Ryan Dent: Yes, I've been through a workout for pretty much every team. How soon do you expect to be playing after draft day?

Ryan Dent: As soon as possible. I'd like to get out there and get a head start, probably get out there at the earliest time possible to try to adjust to the minor league lifestyle. So I'm hoping to be out there as soon as possible. Do you have any idea what round you'll be selected in?

Ryan Dent: I don't think anyone can say that as up to draft day people can slide up and down. I'm hoping to go either top two rounds, maybe in the supplemental or slide back to the third but I'm hoping to go top two. Is there any current MLB player that you model your game after or would compare yourself to?

Ryan Dent: I'd say the two guys I try to model myself after are Derek Jeter and Miguel Tejada. I like Tejada's all-out playing style so far as playing hard and I like Jeter's image, he's a real good guy on and off the field. So those are the two guys I probably model after. What do you expect to be the toughest part of the transition from amateur to pro ball?

Ryan Dent: I'd probably say the grind and dealing with adversity. You're used to being the best at all times and now you're competing with guys that are just as good if not better. Playing every day, that'd be another thing and then just dealing with adversity and failure. Which teams have shown the most interest in you?

Ryan Dent: Probably the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Red Sox, and the Chicago Cubs. Do you have any goals set out for yourself yet?

Ryan Dent: I'm trying to get to the major leagues as hard as possible. My goal is not to get drafted but to get to the big leagues. I think that's something important because a lot of guys just hope to get drafted high but after that they kind of wind off and end up nowhere. I think you have to have the mindset of "I've been drafted, good, but now the real works starts." I plan to hopefully get to the major leagues within four or three years. Recommended Stories

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