Off-Season Q&A: Brian Peacock

"I am a gamer for sure."

Few prospects got off to as good a start in 2006 as highly touted catcher, Brian Peacock. The 22-year-old catcher showed the organization a great deal of upside in his first half, despite struggling down the stretch and going down with an appendectomy that ended his season. We recently caught up with Brian for a Q&A session. First of all, I understand you had your reason cut short because of an appendectomy. How are you feeling now?

Brian Peacock: Well Frankie, I'm glad you asked. I feel stupendous and I am looking forward to another great season of growing and learning my trade. It had to be very disappointing to have your reason end that way. What were your first thoughts when you realized your season would be over?

Brian Peacock: I was disappointed when I realized that my season was over and I was going to miss the last part of the season. I was looking forward to finishing up really strong in the last month. Looking back at your season as a whole, what is your opinion of your performance?

Brian Peacock: I think I started strong and due to my unforeseen injury I finished not as strong as I would have liked to. But, overall I felt that I made some substantial gains, and at the same time learned where I need to improve. One of the best quotes of this year was from the field coordinator, Scott Little. He talked about your "dirt bag attitude." Do you agree with that and what part of your game made him see that in you?

Brian Peacock: Yes I agree, I think my overall work ethic and willingness to get down and dirty to get a win is what made Little say that about me. Another thing he told me was that once you learned to use the whole field, you could "dominate games". What is your interpretation of that?

Brian Peacock: I think he meant that I have to ability to help change a game once I learn to hit to all fields and not get pull happy. Consistency can be good in some instances, but there are times where you need to be able to change up your game, and that's something I will continue to work and grow in. Compared to 2005, what do you feel was the biggest difference or positive change in your game in 2006?

Brian Peacock: Maturing both as a player and person were important. My ability to better handle the pitching staff, and approaching the plate each time with a plan, as opposed to just swinging away were also big differences. Do you see yourself as a true power hitter?

Brian Peacock: I don't see myself as a power hitter, but I do see myself more as a line drive hitter with power. Switching gears for a moment, which pitchers that you caught this year really stood out in your mind and why?

Brian Peacock: Randy Matias is a very intelligent pitcher with great stuff. His changeup is strong. He's young but with a mature head on his shoulders. Who did you catch that impressed you the most with the best pure fastball?

Brian Peacock: I think Craig Stammen. Which pitchers stand out to you as being potential sleepers?

Brian Peacock: John Lannan. He had a bad record but has great stuff and knows how to pitch really well. He had a lot of bad luck this year but I would expect him to have a good year next year. In your opinion, what qualities do you think it takes to successfully handle a pitching staff from behind the plate?

Brian Peacock: Well, I just think the main thing is getting to know them as a person and knowing their personality. You have to really feel what they are trying to do that day and you have to deal with what they give you and try to make it work. Looking ahead to next season, what are the major improvements that you feel you need to make?

Brian Peacock: Maturing more as a hitter and just learning the game more. I would like to stay hitting the ball to all fields and eliminating some strikeouts. As far as catching, just learning the pitchers and handling them well and improve my receiving some. If there was one thing a Nationals fan should know about you as a person and as a player, what would it be?

Brian Peacock: I would just say that I am a gamer for sure and whenever you see me between the lines I am nothing but business. Besides that, I'm just really an ol' country boy that likes to go hunting and fishing. What type of repertoire does Juan De Los Santos have and do you think his success basically hinges on his control?

Brian Peacock: He's just learning how to pitch. He has the arm but just needs to trust his stuff and learn how good he really is. Recommended Stories

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