Self Analysis: Clint Everts v1.1

Everts has an excellent changeup.

Who knows a prospect better than the prospect himself? What are his strengths? What are his flaws? How does he handle situations? Find out all that and more in this edition of Self-Analysis.

Mechanics. "I would say my delivery is solid. I think the best thing about it is that my delivery is pretty consistent. The only problem that I get in trouble with in my delivery is that I sometimes throw across my body."


Velocity. Average - 88-92 MPH, Peaks - 94 MPH

Movement. "This past year, I have worked on the two seamer a lot because coming out of high school I had very little movement on the fastball. At the end of last year, I was getting a lot of run on the two seamer so I broke a few bats."

Notes. Unlike many top flight, front of the rotation caliber pitching prospects, Clint Everts does not have the the mid-90's heat. But, what he does have is pinpoint control and excellent movement. Considering how well he locates on the corner of the plate, he can be easily as effect as the guy with the 96 MPH fastball.


Velocity. 80-84 MPH

Movement. "The curveball is a 12-6 curveball and I usually throw it in the low-80's. It has pretty good movement."

"I use my curveball as one of my strikeout pitches. And, I usually throw the curveball to righties. It depends on the situation though."

Notes. Although he does not command it as well as his changeup, Everts has a good feel for his breaking ball. With a sharp 12-6 break, it serves as a legitimate strikeout pitch for the Texas native and he isn't afraid to use it in various situations. And, with more experience, it may even evolve into a plus pitch.


Velocity. 80-84 MPH

"I usually throw my changeup to left handed hitters but it also depends on the situation of the game and what I'm feeling comfortable with on that particular day."

Notes. Clint Everts commands his changeup as well, if not better than his fastball. That's how much of a weapon it has become for him. With a solid 10-12 MPH differential and good fade, this changeup is a legitimate strikeout weapon and a true plus pitch in Clint's repertoire.

Control. "I would say that I have good control of all my pitches but I have the best control with my changeup. I don't have any problem throwing the change in a situation like having a full count with the bases loaded or something like that. I would like to have the same comfort level with my curve."

Holding Base Runners. "That would be a strong part of my game because I always use the slide step when there's a runner on first. Also, I love trying to pick to second base."

Fielding.   "I'd say that since I was a shortstop in high school, I'm an above average fielder. I take a lot of pride in fielding. In my opinion, there's nothing worse than a pitcher that can't field his position."

Competitiveness/Intelligence. "I'm very competitive while I'm out there on the mound. But, I try to never show any kind of negative emotion out there. So, I would say that I'm more of the intellectual guy than being fiery out there."

Pitch Count Management. "Early in the count, I'll try to make a pitch to get the batter out quick. But, if I have a guy with two strikes on him, I'm going to try and strike him out. It's back and forth on the pitch count getting high early in the game and making it a quick game. I think more times than not I'll have a high pitch count going into the 5th and 6th innings though." Recommended Stories

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