CD Quotebook: Top 10 Prospects

"A late inning relief role is the best for Bray."

What players had everyone talking in 2005? In this edition of quotebook, we'll take a look at the quotes of the year regarding the Washington Nationals Top 10 Prospects. Now, let's take a closer look at the most in-depth Top 10 Prospects quotes of the past months. (Free Preview!)

Ryan Zimmerman

"Most of the first thoughts that come to mind are about him and the fact that he's just so humble and really fit in. A lot of guys, in his position, don't come in as a "mouse." I mean that a lot of guys want to be brash, be loud, I'm the number one pick etc., but Ryan came in and figured out quickly he could learn things from both on the field and in preparation. He was a pleasure to be around. As for his talent, everyone seems to think he's a can't miss prospect and let's hope so. I certainly think he's going to be everything everyone expects and more."

- Harrisburg Senators' Radio Broadcaster, Terry Byrom

Clint Everts

"Clint Everts without a doubt [has the highest upside]. Just seeing what he could when his velocity was down, breaking bats and making hitters look foolish when he's only throwing 84 MPH, it was just incredible. He just gets it done. If he stays healthy, he is going to be freakin' awesome!"

- Potomac Nationals' Third Baseman, Kory Casto

Collin Balester

"Collin Balester was definitely the most impressive guy on the staff to me. When I saw him, I was like 'this kid is amazing.' He came to me throwing 94-95 MPH. Collin just has a big arm and a great idea of how to pitch. He just has a great attitude for pitching too. He's got that California attitude and it really works to his advantage I think. He gets intense out there but he knows how to put stuff behind him too. I really think he's a special guy. He has a huge future ahead of him. For a guy that young and already that good, the sky is the limit. He was definitely the most impressive to me."

- Savannah Sand Gnats' Manager, Randy Knorr

Kory Casto

"The guy that stands out to everyone it seems is Kory Casto. What he did this season was pretty hard to ignore. He really impressed me a lot and I think he impressed a lot of other people too."

- Potomac Nationals' Pitcher, Devin Perrin

Billy Bray

"Obviously, Bray was a first round pick and the organization was and still is expecting him to move up the ladder pretty quickly. Bray was really great coming out of the bullpen while he was here. I know they've tried him in a few different roles, but I think a late inning relief role is the best for him. As a lefty who throws as hard as he does, he'll make an excellent setup man or a closer. The Nationals might be set for a long time with a closer, but he could make an impact very soon as a setup man."

- New Orleans Zephyrs' Radio Broadcaster, Tim Grubbs

Mike Hinckley

"When I played with Vermont in 2002, Mike Hinckley was spectacular. He was nearly untouchable. Hinckley flat out dominated with an ERA of 1.20  or so."

- Washington Nationals' Pitcher, Jason Bergmann

Francisco Plasencia

"It was just so much fun to watch him play. He plays the game hard and he doesn't get frustrated with the day in and day out stuff. He put up some big numbers. He kind of reminds me of Jim Edmonds out in centerfield, although offensively they have a different game. He has such a great arm too. He's like Michael Vick out there, throwing a baseball. He's fun to toss with the outfielders. I'll tell you what though, I want him out there when I'm on the mound."

 - Vermont Expos Pitcher, Gene Yost

Ian Desmond

"The guy that really impressed me was Ian Desmond. He really looks like a special player. He is still really young and I think he's just going to be an unbelievable player."

- Potomac Nationals' First Baseman, Josh Whitesell

Daryl Thompson

"Daryl, he's very good. He was great for us. He got hurt, pitched great, didn't tell anyone at first and still pitched great. He was just amazing. He has tremendous stuff and a great attitude. When he was on, there was no one who was going to touch him. Hopefully, his rehab goes well and he comes back as strong as he looked when he was healthy. He's a great looking young pitcher."

- Savannah Sand Gnats' Manager, Randy Knorr

Larry Broadway

"He flashed very good leather around the bag at first base and by the end of the season he was hitting for more power and average, and he had a good fall league. So, I think he's feeling better and the knee is getting stronger. I certainly think if the knee continues to improve and he gets more comfortable with that, that he could be a MLB first baseman."

- Harrisburg Senators' Radio Broadcaster, Terry Byrom Recommended Stories

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