Splitsville: Darrell Rasner v1.1

Rasner struggled in May.

"Splitsville" is a series of articles on the Nationals' prospects that we'll be doing throughout their minor league careers. In version one/chapter one (v1.1) of Darrell Rasner, we'll look at how he did against the right-handed hitters versus the lefties, how he pitched at home compared to on the road, and more. (Free Preview!)


Best On The Road: A 24 year old right-hander, Darrell Rasner, compiled an outstanding 2005 campaign; however, much of that success was achieved away from his home ballpark in Harrisburg. Whatever the reason may be, Rasner compiled an earned run average of nearly a run lower on the road compared to at home. Away from Harrisburg, Darrell Rasner held opposing batters to a lowly .244 batting average while posting a strong 3.20 ERA. On the contrary, the Nevada native was far more hittable at home, as the opposition knocked him around to the tune of a .279 average. Also, Rasner also struck out exactly two more batters per nine innings on the road than he was able to strike out at home.

Not A Fan Of May: One might be able to call Darrell Rasner a model of consistency, with the exception of one month of his season, the month of May. And, as it turns out, his trouble in May should come as no surprise. Why? Well, if you look at his otherwise very successful 2004 campaign, you would see that his only hiccup came in - you guessed it - May. In a season in which he posted a 3.17 ERA with Brevard Country, his worst month was May; he posted a putrid ERA of 6.15. But wait, it doesn't end there. In 2003 with Savannah, Rasner also had his worst month of the season in May, posting a 5.63 ERA. And, that leads us to Darrell's 2005 season in which he went 0-3 with a 5.67 ERA in that dreaded month of May. Not only that, but opposing batters also teed off on Rasner to the tune of a .324 batting average.

Rather Face Lefties Or Righties? Obviously, this question didn't matter all that much to Darrell Rasner in 2005, as the batting averages of the two sides were separated by only two points. Lefty hitters managed a .261 batting average versus the right-handed work horse, while righties experience a rather similar result, achieving a .259 average. Perhaps the only major difference was the strikeouts. Facing righty hitters, Darrell averaged nearly seven strikeouts per nine innings of work. On the other hand, against lefties, he averaged only 4.5 strikeouts per nine innings.

Fourth Inning Woes: Many pitchers are slow starters and having trouble in the first or second innings. On the other hand, some pitchers wear down rather quickly and have trouble in the latter part of the game. But, it is far more difficult to explain why a pitcher would have such obvious problems in a middle inning, like the fourth inning for instance. That was the case for Darrell Rasner in 2005, and strange dissimilar from every other inning, he struggled mightily in the fourth. For the season, in the third innings, he posted a miniscule 1.08 ERA while holding the opposition to a .234 batting average. And, in the fifth inning, he posted an even more dominating 0.86 ERA while holding opposing batters to a .155 average. But, sandwiched in between two very controlled innings, the fourth inning was nightmare for Darrell. Along with being knocked around to the tune of a .314 batting average, Rasner also posted a bloated 6.08 ERA.

Lights Out Down The Stretch: Despite the rough month of May, Darrell Rasner was model of consistency throughout the 2005 season. And, down the stretch during the months of July and August, he was better than ever. After putting up an outstanding 3.03 ERA in the month of July, he came back with an ERA of 2.50 in the month of August, holding the opposition to .231 batting average in the process.

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